Final Notes

A paper and a handout.

Next term, return to looking at data.



“Theory is good; but it doesn’t prevent things from existing.”
― Jean-Martin Charcot

Rest Of Term

We are continuing to work through the Parts and Wholes paper w Scott.

6 December, our last meeting for this term:

  • last section of paper starting with Section 3.3.3 Tundra Nenets.

Here are a couple of Scott Seyfarth’s handouts:

We’ll continue next term w a new schedule.



“Grammar is the way in which words are put together to form proper sentences.”

Oxford English Dictionary

15 November 2017

This week is a continuation of last week, finishing up an excellent discussion of Parts and Wholes and then on to the Low Entrophy paper, listed on last week.  Since we are working through these papers we probably won’t get to Baayens before Thanksgiving break.

Peter will start off with a presentation.

This is the last meeting before Thanksgiving.

Grammatica una et eadem est secundum substantiam in omnibus Unguis,
licet accidentaliter varietur.

‘In substance grammar is the same in all languages,
though it may vary in accidental ways.’
–Roger Bacon, 1267

8 November 2017

On 13 November 2014, Buffalo got 7′ (sic) of snow.

Some readings for next week, discussion led by ScottS

The Baayen et al is pretty long, and we may not want to discuss all of the technical details. I’d suggest saving it for last, and focus on these sections: the introduction through page 6, pages 22-26, and then either skim through the remaining material or choose 1-2 of the experiments to read more closely.


                         , for
You exist only in the delirious illusion of language.
-Robert Penn Warren, 1975